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Q1 & Q9


Q2 & Q3


Q4 & Q5

11.14.12 & 12.12.12

Q6 - Q8

3.27.13 & 4.10.13
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    • Some resources regarding Q7 follow. The idea is that we must always be the adult in the room and exercise the rational thought granted by our fully developed frontal cortex. When our students are overly emotional, their limbic system trumps their frontal cortex (to risk rash over-simplification). We must not "go limbic" with our students. Rather, we might help them calm themselves so they can go beyond "fight or flight" to think more rationally about their behavior. Some folks suggest three factors for getting out of the fight or flight mode: time, movement, deep breathing.

Action Research

11.14.12 & 12.12.12
3.27.13 & 4.10.13