Curriculum Component Training
2012 Schedule
August 22: Curriculum Overview

Module 1: Overview
Curriculum Council Work Day August 9, 2011 ppt.pptx
Module 1 Overview.ppt
Ten Elements for a Long Term Results Based Curriculum.docx
Overcoming the Teach.docx

Module 2: Curriculum Mapping
Module 2 Curriculum Maps.ppt
Curriculum Map 10.11.doc

Module 3: Common Assessments
Module 3 Common Assessments.ppt
Analyzing Student Work.docx
Assessing Your Classroom Assessments.docx
Skills Tasks.docx
Designing wrap around assessments.docx

Module 4: Anchors
Module 4-Anchors.ppt
Presentation 10.12.11
Anchoring Form.docx
Anchoring the Curriculum with Student Work Samples.docx
Module 5: Rubrics
Module 5-Rubrics.ppt
Module 5-Rubrics revised.ppt
Assessing Student Performance Longitudinally.docx
Career Skills Continuum.docx
Rubric Template.docx
Rubistar - Online rubric templates

Module 6: Learning Activities
Module 6-Learning Activities.ppt
York POLs Draft with Desc.doc
Learning Plan template.doc

Module 7: Troubleshooting Guides
Module 7-Trouble Shooting.ppt
Articulating the Connections and Troubleshooting Misunderstandings in Student Learning.docx
Coaching Student Performance as Part of Reading Practice.docx
Grand IsLand TS guide example.docx
Matrix for a Troubleshooting Guide for Academic Problems.docx
Teacher - to Teacher ts guide.docx
Trouble shooting in Library example.docx
Troubleshooting Guide Example.docx
Troubleshooting Guide Template York Public Schools.docx
Troubleshooting - Ideas.cwk (WP).pdf
Troubleshooting - Org..cwk (WP).pdf
Troubleshooting - S.F.cwk (WP).pdf
Troubleshooting - Voice.cwk (WP).pdf
Troubleshooting-Word Choice.cwk (WP).pdf
Troubleshooting-Conv..cwk (WP).pdf

Module 8: Differentiation
Today's PPT: York Diff.pptx
Template: Diff Template.docx
Module 8-Differentiation.ppt
Differentiation Example ELL.docx
Differentiation School assessment.docx
diff. instruction handout.doc
Critical Questions.doc
Small Group Reading Lesson Plan.doc
Carol Ann Tomlinson Site
Examples from new teacher program

Online Still/Video Comic Creators

Comic Strip improves literacy among boys (article)
Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom (Slideshare)
Jaycut: Free, online video editor
Pivot Stick Animator
Witty Comics
Create Your Own Marvel Comic Book
Claymation in the Classroom
Doink create fun animations with this incredible free animation / drawing tool
Pencil Animation -Download Only
Dfilm easily create fun films
Fluxtime more animation fun
Flipbook create fun flipbooks with this tools
Xtranormal create movies with real characters
Canvastic - create simple animations on this free canvas

2011 Schedule:

August 9, 2011: Curriculum Council Training

2011 Early Dismissal Schedule

August 31: Curriculum Maps

September 28: Common Assessments

October 12: Anchors

November 30: Rubrics

December 14: Learning Activities

January 25: Troubleshooting Guides

February 22: Differentiation